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  •  A thoughtful birthday card made by Rory’s sister

Creative, if only slightly bleak…we love it! 

  • Congrats to all the OG’s out there - this is for you <3 
"What do you see when you look at me? " #iseedots 

Fashion photographer Nigel Barker has launched our new Instagram @iseedots. He’s looking for the dots and we’d love for you to as well! Are you seeing dots? Share on Instagram, include the hashtag #iseedots so we can regram your unique and creative way of seeing the dots around you. 
  • ~ There’s no earthly way of knowingWhich direction we are going ~

Are you ready for the next Adventure? 

Stay tuned for our new update to TwoDots - out in less than 2 weeks! 
  • Hang tight! the next TwoDots levels are out of this world. 
  • Happy Independence Day! How are you celebrating? 
  • Thank God it’s Friday!
  • flappybirdscores:

Thank you #InstagramlessCourtney for showing me the worlds most frustrating game since #FlappyBird 😠 #dots #twodots #fuckit #angryapps #igiveup by niicadam